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Writing a Research Paper
Published on Fri, 12/02/2016

Writing a research paper requires a number of different and important academic skills. First, a student will need to define a topic, and design appropriate research to answer questions about that topic. The student will then need to conduct research and interpret the results. Finally, the student will need to outline and write a research paper that accurately documents the entire process. Thus, writing a research paper should be broken into the following steps. . . . .

Research Paper Format
Published on Thu, 12/01/2016

Following the proper research paper format is one of the keys to achieving excellent grades on a research paper assignment. Research papers are generally divided into sections including the introduction, the literature review, the methodology, the results, the discussion, and the conclusion. . . . .

Action Research Paper
Published on Wed, 11/30/2016

During the course of his or her academic study a student may be called upon to write an action research paper. There are two types of action research papers. The first is a research paper about the concept of action research. The second is a paper reporting the results of the student's own action research. Understanding the concept of action research will aid in understanding the distinctions between these two types of action research paper. . . . .

Research Paper Template
Published on Tue, 11/29/2016

A research paper template is a computer file that has been formatted to follow the structure of a research paper. A research paper template gives a student exact instructions about where to place the title on the title page, where page numbers should go, how to structure the reference list, and many other useful hints for writing research papers. Using a research paper template can greatly simplify the often confusing process of properly formatting a research paper. . . . .

Example Research Paper
Published on Mon, 11/28/2016

When a student is assigned a research paper, one very helpful resource can be an example research paper written on the same or a similar subject. An example research paper can provide a lot of useful information about the formatting of a research paper, its length, and the number and types of sections that should be included. If the example research paper is on the same topic as the student's research paper, then the example research paper can also serve as a research source. . . . .

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